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Image by Meghan Holmes


Personal Trainer

After graduating from University I found myself working for a busy start up in London. While I did not hate my job I did not feel entirely fulfilled and decided to make a change and follow my passion helping others achieve their own health and fitness goals. This period gave me valuable insight to the common problems many of my clients face when trying to balance a hectic job and busy social life all while trying to improve their health and fitness. 

It was during this period that I also developed my own personal goals. Previously my goals were orientated around solely looking good. I was immobile, lacked any fitness and often did not feel entirely fulfilled by my workouts. While I am still motivated to be in good shape my goals have progressed to also include being the fittest, strongest and happiest version of myself. 

I bring these principles into my coaching by creating fun but challenging workouts individually tailored to help my clients achieve their goals faster, safer and with more confidence. My programs are based around functional movement and helping my clients to look good, feel better and move well. 


While I love being active I'm also a realist and enjoy a pizza and an evening at the pub as much as anyone. I help my clients to build healthy and sustainable lifestyles without giving up their social life or their favourite takeaway.​

Are you ready to take action and achieve your health and fitness goals? Schedule a free consultation call to find out how I can help you.

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